Bicycle Booking from 11thl till 15th April 2019

Kok Ah Chow
2019-03-11 20:34
1. Name: Kok Ah Chow

2. Contact: 852-94171681

3. Person: 4 persons

4. Height (height): 163 cm to 166 cm

5. Bike type: Escape R3 24 Stage

6. Arrival Date Time: 11th April 2019 at 06:30 Jeju Int'l Airport, Flight UO676 (HKG-JEJU)

7. Rental period: 11th till 15th April 2019

8. Whether to make a reservation: reservation for 4 units x 5 days

9. Other questions: Required pick-up at airport, baggage storage and bicycle rear plate-form.
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  • 2019-03-14 11:41
    Hi yongduam Hiking
    Thank you for visiting the yongduam hike
    Sorry for the late answer
    4 Bicycles available for booking
    We deposit 200,000 won of line deposit (Keb Hana Bank 620 206420 021 noh Hong rim)
    Please make a reservation on the day of April 11 and contact us before departure and we will pick you up at the airport
    If you have any questions, please ripple
    Always healthy and have a great day today... ^^